Monday, February 20, 2006

Grocery Tip #1: Don't Go To the Store Hungry

Every Monday I'll post a new grocery saving tip. I don't present them all at once because I want you to take baby steps. I want you to be a success.

I know that this probably goes without saying, but let's say it anyway. Make sure that you have a full tummy when you go grocery shopping. More importantly, make sure that any children who tag along have absolutely filled-to-the-brim tummies!

Grocery stores go to great lengths to psych you out and convince you to buy, buy, buy. You have to out-psych them. If you walk into that grocery store hungry, you are more likely to give into the temptations that Store Manager Bob is throwing in your face. If your wee ones are hungry, they are more likely to be unruly thus tiring you out.

Now if you're tired and hungry the kids will have an easier time wearing you down and breaking your resolve as they beg for all those colorful attractive prefab foods that require a mortgage to purchase.

So, make sure you go shopping right after lunch, not right before!

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