Monday, April 03, 2006

Grocery Tip #7: Use Caution in Clipping Coupons

Believe or not, there are times when coupon clipping can actually cause you to spend more money, rather than save money. Coupons can be a great thing, but you use a little extra common sense in choosing which coupons to clip.

If I see a coupon for a product that I normally buy, I clip it. Especially if it qualifies for my grocery store's double coupon special and that item is on sale! I have gotten grocery items for free this way, but that is rare.

I avoid coupons for expensive name brands or prepackaged foods like the plague. Even with a coupon, these items are usually more expensive than store-name brands and homemade meals.

So use caution in using coupons and make sure that you are actually saving money, not spending more, by clipping them.

Now lets review our grocery tips so far. In a nutshell, we can cut our grocery bill in half by preplanning:
1. preplan by making sure that you do not go to the store hungry
2. preplan in reminding children "no gimmees" before walking into the store
3. preplan by making a list - and sticking to it
4. preplan by making a menu
5. preplan by checking sales flyers for loss leaders and stock up
6. preplan for stressful days by using your crockpot or preparing a meal in advance

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