Friday, May 12, 2006

Keeping Answer Keys Organized

We use Saxon Math in our homeschool. Each child is, of course, using a different text so I have lots of answer keys to keep track of. What I have done is 3-hole punched each answer key and put them altogether in one 3-ring binder.

This not only keeps them all in one handy place, but keeps them in good shape. Before I did this, I found my answer keys falling apart, or the covers coming off, by the time I got to my second child. After all, they are getting daily use.

This isn't just a tip for Saxon Math, you can do this for all sorts of programs and texts.

Now most answer keys are pretty thick and impossible to hole punch with a standard 3-hole punch. My husband works in a school and has access to a power hole puncher. If you are not so fortunate, your local office or copy store should be able to help you out for a small fee or even for free. If they do charge you, ask if they extend their educators' discount to homeschoolers!

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