Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thanksgiving Loss Leaders

Most grocery stores have great sales this and next week; make sure to take advantage of them. Loss leaders, groceries marked below cost, are usually abundant this time of year.

We love pumpkin bread and muffins at our house, so I stock up on pumpkin.

We also love sweet potatoes -- they last a long time when stored properly and are very nutritious. At $0.30 a pound, you can bet that several pounds find their way into my shopping cart.

I also like to pick up an extra turkey or two. At $0.69 a pound, I can bake
it, slice it, freeze it for future sandwiches, and save a bundle over lunch
meat prices.

Is condensed or evaporated milk on sale? Pick up a few extra and use them in recipes for your children -- extra vitamins over regular milk.

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