Thursday, April 29, 2010

$10 Sale: Teaching Company

As I've said here before, I love Teaching Company. One of the things I love about them, in addition to a great product is that they have really good sales. I could never afford their products if I had to pay full price.

Currently, there is an amazing $10 sale going on. Shipping is another $10 for the whole order. However, I found a coupon code: 42248 which should give you shipping for only $.99!


Addendum: I just ordered. The good news is that the coupon code works. The bad news is that you can only order one $10 set per customer.


Mary Jean said...

They have extended the sale until May 6th, but I could not get the coupon code to work. Still, $14.95 total isn't bad.

Sally Roman said...

Hi, I am searching for a way to buy The Teaching Company's courses on American History and World History at a discounted rate. Do you have that information on this site? Thank yo in advance. Very sincerely, Sally Roman

Maureen said...

They're now known as Great Courses. Get on their list so you're notified when they have sales. Everything goes on sale at least once a year for 75% off, sometimes even more.