Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sharing Resources: IEW / Video Series

Is there a video series out there calling your name? One of those expensive programs that you are just dying to own, but out of reach financially?

See if the series is one that your homeschooling support group would be willing to purchase so that everyone in the group can view it.

Or you can purchase the series yourself, set up a special day for your homeschooling friends to join you, and ask that they all pitch a few bucks to cover costs (and maybe pitch in some popcorn while they're at it ).

In my homeschool group, several of us have been viewing Andrew Pudewa's video series from the Institute for Excellence in Writing. It has been a huge success. On the fourth Saturday of every month my husband takes the children out for a morning with Dad, as ten moms join me at my home for a little Mom socialization and a video writing seminar. We have coffee, tea, and pastries as we view the day's video, and follow with a discussion about how we are implementing the program into our homeschools.

Each of the moms pitched in enough to pay for their own written materials and a portion of the cost of the video. A few moms who want to participate, but cannot make it on the fourth Saturday, still pitch in their share of $$ and borrow the videos, as we finish them, to watch in their own homes.

Once we are all done, I plan to donate the series to our homeschool library.

Note: Make sure to follow any copyright restrictions.

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