Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wicker Baskets

I have found wicker baskets to be great for organizing my household and school. They can hold just about anything, be stashed just about anyplace, and look attractive to boot.

Smaller baskets can hold computer CD's, school receipts, or desk supplies. Medium baskets can hold papers to grade, Playstation controls, or computer cords. The larger baskets can hold newspapers, library books, or toys.

They can be found at thrift shops, garage sales, and clearance tables. Don't spend too much money on them.

For more on organizing, you can download the recorded webinar Organizing Your Classroom 101 for free at Homeschool Connections. Click on the link that says Recorded Events.

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Cathy Sheppard said...

I would love to know where the black trash bin/basket holder could be found.. ?? (please email me @