Saturday, July 19, 2008

Converting Bread Recipes, Part Three

Since I'm planning on sharing some of my favorite recipes over the next week or two I better share how to convert my KitchenAid bread making recipes to your bread machine or to hand kneading.

First . . .
Converting Mixer Bread Recipes to Hand Kneading
This is very simple. All you have to remember is that 1 minute of kneading in the mixer is equal to 12 minutes by hand. So, if the mixer recipe states 3 minutes of kneading, then you do it by hand for 36 minutes. Everything else in the recipe can remain the same.

Converting Mixer and Traditional Bread Recipes to a Bread Machine
With a bread machine baking, you simply put the ingredients into the machine as recommended in the owner's manual. With a traditional loaf you would just press the start (or similar) button.

If you are making something special like braided bread, french bread, etc., you would press the dough (or similar) button. Take out the dough and follow the instructions after the first rise -- usually this would include: punch it down, shape, and let rise again before putting into the oven.

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