Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Italian Spaghetti Sauce

My friend Lori writes:

I was excited to see the Tomato sauce recipe on your blog. You really got the recipe written down very well.

When you make your spaghetti sauce, start with a little olive oil in your pot. Add your garlic to saute until it turns a little brown but not burnt. Add your puree in. Then throw your herbs in like oregano, basil, and salt and cook for only about one hour. That's the way Mama Baldino does it. If you like meat sauce, add your ground beef in right after you brown the garlic and brown then continue as follows.

I misplaced the DVD I made at my mom's the day we canned, I wanted to put it on YouTube and when I find it I will and you will get a laugh or two.

Thanks again Lori!

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