Friday, January 26, 2007

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Whoda ever thunk to use plastic bags to make bathroom mats. For real! Go here to find useful ways to re-use your plastic grocery bags.

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Cecilia Tombelli said...

Save money - Small animal bedding

After my children convinced me to buy them guinea pigs last April and they paid for expensive bedding from the pet store for many months until my 10-year-old got a bright, money-saving idea.

"Let's by a shredder!" said Mary, "we'll save money and recycle at the same time." That was brilliant. For $30 we bought a new Office Max shredder, and for a few extra dollars got a warrantee that will cover replacement of the machine should it break down within two years.
I figure that's about $1 per month we're spending on bedding instead of the $20-$25 we were spending before we bought the shredder.

We also use all the ends of vegetables, like cauliflower and broccoli, feed them dried-out, free corn husks, apples we picked at no cost from our neighbor's yard (with permission) and even let them feed on grass from the backyard so that we rarely pay for the food they eat. They have paid for themselves in the amount of enjoyment and learned responsiblity the kids have received.