Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Re-Use Tip: Old Washing Machine Barrels

Thrifty Homeschooler list member Jessica sends the following tip:

We bought an old washing machine barrel from a used furniture store for 5 dollars. We set it on an old tire rim we owned. Now it is our outdoor fire pit. The little drain holes on the sides allow the "glow" of the fire to shine out, too. It really was a great purchase. You don't have to set it on anything either. You can just put it directly on some dirt. We have used it for several years and we have had some good times. We put our swing by it so we can all curl up in a blanket by it. We roast marshmallows, wieners, etc., on the fire. The kids beg us to light it all fall and winter. My husband likes to light it on Friday nights and listen to the high school football game on the radio. Sometimes we put the kids to bed and then go outside and enjoy the fire by ourselves. We have fun when we have company over to visit by our fire too. You don't have to worry about it breaking like those expensive chiminias. It is not as pretty, but it still looks good and serves its purpose well. We haven't gotten to enjoy it much this year b/c it has been so warm. But we are all looking forward to it.

PS-when you buy one don't let the seller know what you are using it for (if it is from a store) Or they might "catch on" and jack up that price.

Thank you Jessica for the tip!

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